June 23, 2009

[特摄]Kamen Rider’s Latest News Update(Decade,Daishoker,W)

Below are two pictures believe to be Kamen Rider Decade Movie All Rider Vs Daishoker’s.
From the left we can see there is a Giant Decade Complete Form and Right is ?(Sorry,  I do not know =w=)
It looks like Kamen Rider Died has FFR Tsukasa(Decade) and transform him into a belt for Kamen Rider J to henshin,lolz.

Next will be Decade’s future storyline…
As we all know Tsukasa will travel into Samurai Sentai Shinkenger’s world and the picture on the left will be the painting for that world. In Samurai Sentai Shinkenger’s world Gedoushu(Samurai’s villain) have henshin into Diend!
Lastly, for the picture on the right will be some simple introduction about Black RX’s world where Tsukasa will travel into.

Are you tired now? I hope you are not and here goes the third update about Kamen Rider W(Double?)
From what the magazine written there,it says Kamen Rider W is 2 person henshin in to 1 rider Orz…
The henshin belt is called Double Driver and have the power of Joker?(Don’t blame me if I get wrong,I cannot read Japanese well,lolz )

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