June 7, 2011

[动漫]プリキュアぴあ Precure Pia

Precure Pia / Pia
Book Name : プリキュアぴあ Precure Pia
ISBN : 9784835620015
Type : Full Color @ A4
Pages : 112

Just receive this book today and overall it is worth to buy if you are interested with the scene behind of making precure. Even you do not understand Japanese, you can still buy it for the extras included such as poster and post cards.

There is another review available online and you can visit via the link below:

If you feel interested, visit CDJapan or Amazon Japan and grab it =3=

BTW this is the parcel I receive from CDJapan today.
As always, it is being packed carefully with cardboard box.

And also bubble wrapping too

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