May 13, 2009

[电脑基术]A Free & Tiny Tracert Tool

I guess there is number of people knowing that they cannot do tracert via cmd
due to ISP have block it. A network engineer from foreign country says that an
ISP have no reason why they should disable it as that is a very important part
to help technician solving any issue encounter by user.

Maybe TMNet just want hide their internal problem and they disable it. But
seems software method still break this. Without wasting any more time, let
me show where to get the software and how it looks like.

01.Download the Hyper Trace software from here
02.Install it and it might ask you whether you want register. Is your choice
     to decide whether you want to do it or not.
03.Just key in any address and click trace. Wait until the results come out.
Hyper Trace

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